Let’s eat out!

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We all do. Eat out that is. All work is boring; we are human and yes, “YOLO” (you only live once) as your children and your own heart have surely told you more than once. There is nothing wrong with some indulgence once in a while. Let us consider what the nutritional impact is.


Two cocktails

What is a social gathering without a few wobbly pops? One eight-ounce Piña Colada contains 300 calories, 50 grams carbs (43 grams sugar), 0 grams protein, and 0 grams fat. In all, that will be 600 calories and 100 grams of carbs (86 grams of sugar). Sweet!



Salad with dressing

The alcohol has your appetite going and you order some appetizers. You are a fitness enthusiast and you choose a salad for it sounds like a healthy option.





Medium pizza

In the spirit of camaraderie you share half a pizza with your friend. To assuage your guilt, you stick with vegetarian.  It is hard to stop with just a slice and you have two at the least. What does a slice set you back by?






We all have a sweet tooth and chocolate is rather seductive. Promising yourself you wont miss a day of cardio (maybe an additional twenty minutes?!) the coming week, you beckon the waiter.

By this time you have stopped counting the calories but your body has not and you are now in the red by another




Your waiter is working on getting you the check but your body has done the math and the tally for the night comes in at a whopping

  • Calories  : 2250
  • Carbohydrates : 253 grams
  • Sugar : 153 grams


If your BMR were 1600 calories, you have eaten 1.5 times your daily need in this one meal alone. Your sugar intake has signaled your body to stop burning fat (why bother when there is such abundance of easy energy!) and it would take at least two days before your body starts doing so again.  To burn these calories off, you would need to do approximately 6 hours of HIIT cardio. You get the picture.

Life is all about balance but do not lose sight of your goals. Try not to eat out often until you have achieved them. If you have planned to go out for dinner, go easy on the calories you consume during the rest of the day and maybe do an extra 30 minutes of cardio. Choose wisely from the menu. Go easy on the alcohol and the dessert.  

Bon appetit!



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