Gym Essentials

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When you work out, you need to wear clothing that can handle both the movement of your body and the sweat pouring out of you. This means appropriate sneakers and attire should be worn. An outfit that includes a shirt that can handle sweat, a pair of shorts that hit above your knee, and sneakers that can handle all your movement is ideal.



In general, women can wear T-shirts, tank tops, long-sleeved shirts and sweatshirts during their gym workout. As with all your gym clothing, ensure your tops are made of light, stretchy fabric that keeps you cool and doesn’t limit your mobility. Synthetic fabric typically provides a lighter, more comfortable feel than cotton. If you’re really sweaty, we recommend polyester or cotton-poly-blend T-shirts — they wick the moisture off your skin, cooling you down faster than a normal cotton T-shirt.




Many women buy workout pants to match their shirts, or vice versa. As with selecting your tops, your foremost priority when picking pants for your gym workout is to find shorts, yoga pants or sweatpants that are light, comfortable and allow you to move freely.


Sports Bra

If you workout without a bra or just use a standard t-shirt bra you are more at risk of developing back and breast pain as a result of this. Sports bras are specially designed to support your breasts ALL the way around, making sure they are secure and your skin can breathe. Most forms of exercise make your breasts bounce up and down, regardless of your cup size. Now this isn’t a laughing matter as it can pose serious risks to your health. It is also important that you get the right fit, there are a few different sports bras out there ranging from compression bras (which look like crop tops) to ones with inbuilt cups (similar to regular bras). Choosing the right bra will depend on your cup size, preference and activity level. No matter what type of exercise you do, buying a good quality sports bra is the same as buying good quality sneakers, it will support your body and enhance your workout routine!


Socks and Shoes

Athletic socks are ideal to wear during your gym workout, as they are typically made of light, synthetic material that wicks away sweat and won’t scratch your skin. Whether you prefer ankle-height socks to wear with shorts or knee socks, sporting goods stores are stocked with a wide range of products.



Choose the right footwear for your preferred activities. Running shoes generally aren’t suited for aerobics classes and cross trainers usually aren’t good for running. Another factor is the shape of your foot. You may need extra support or padding in the arches, depending on whether you have a high or low arch, or flat feet. Retail stores specializing in sporting goods and athletic shoes may offer free gait analysis, which helps you select the correct shoe for your chosen activity. Don’t use running shoes to lift weights. They are called running shoes for a reason.





It is good practice to keep a towel with you. Not all gyms offer towels for free, and though gyms wash them, they might not be the cleanest. To wipe up the sweat from your body or wipe down machines, bring your own towel.



The secret dream team for freshening up on the fly. Wipe down any particularly sweaty areas and reapply deodorant to prevent being stinky.


Few hair ties or sweatbands

For women, hair ties are necessary for keeping your hair pulled back and out of your face during workouts. For men or women with short hair, headbands or sweatbands can help keep the hair off your face and soak up the sweat.



Water Bottle

Hydration is essential when working out. Bring a water bottle so you can refill it as often as necessary. You don’t want to be left without a way to hydrate yourself or have to buy an overpriced water at the gym. A good BPA Free water bottle will keep your water cold and easily accessible, so you’ll be able to feel your absolute best while you exercise.


Weight Training Gloves

Weight training gloves are beneficial in preventing blisters and calluses. In addition, weight training gloves reduce the probability of a weight (i.e. dumbbell) or exercise bar slipping out of your hands and either damaging the equipment or causing an injury. Whenever you are performing your weight training exercise routine, weight training gloves are a wise investment well worth the price.


Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Using a heart rate monitor may help you find your running sweet spot (aka your ideal training pace) and prevent overtraining. Wearing heart rate monitors on easy days is a good way to keep yourself honest and make sure your heart rate doesn’t go above what it should be


Calorie Counter

A calorie counter is a great tool that is designed to measure and record your daily caloric intake. Calorie counters can be used to either manage a diet to lose weight (i.e. excess body fat), or to raise caloric intake to gain weight (i.e. increases in lean muscle mass). Calorie counters can be combined with weight training, nutritional and physical measurement logs to form a well-organized database of your weight training progress and achievements. Just like weight training logs and nutritional logs, calorie counters are readily available as booklets, online programs that can be downloaded onto your computer, and electronic devices.



Physical Measurement Log

Physical measurement logs are normally combined with weight training logs to provide an overall view of the effectiveness of your weight training program. By simply entering your body’s measurements into your physical measurement log once every week or two, you can proactively track your weight loss or muscle growth. Physical measurement logs can be combined with weight training, nutritional and calorie counter logs to form a well-organized database to track the progress and achievements of your weight training program.



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