Cereal Killer!

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The supermarket aisle is filled with colorful boxes of breakfast cereals.   You see labels that use all the right buzz words and phrases such as ‘Natural’,  ‘Packed with essential vitamins and minerals’ ,  ‘a healthy breakfast’ but are they really as healthy as they portray themselves to be? Or are they high in sugar and refined carbohydrates?
Here are the essential steps in the manufacturing process for breakfast cereals:
Processing: The grains are usually processed into fine flour and cooked.
Mixing: The flour is then mixed with ingredients like sugar, chocolate and water.
Extrusion: Many breakfast cereals are produced via extrusion. This is a high-temperature process that uses a machine to shape the cereal.
Drying: Next, the cereal is dried.
Shaping: Finally, the cereal is shaped into forms, such as balls, stars, loops or rectangles. 
Breakfast cereals may also be puffed, flaked or shredded. The cereal may also be coated in chocolate or frosting before it is dried.


When it comes to breakfast cereals, ignore the claims on the front of the box. Flip a cereal over on its side and get to the bottom line: When it comes to picking a cereal, you want as much fiber as possible, and as little sugar as possible.  Here is a list of some of the cereal breakfasts out there.  Read the ingredients in the Nutrition Label. If you have been reading my blogs about sugar, carbohydrates, processed food and weight loss you will undoubtedly see how harmful these products can be to your health and that of of your children.



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